There has never been a more urgent time than now to show our support for former Governor Bob McDonnell. We ask that as supporters you give to support the legal defense of a great Virginia Governor.

Donate online by clicking HERE or mail in your donation to:

The Restoration Fund, 389 Edwin Drive #100, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


God bless,

Bob McDonnell Restoration Fund Board


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  1. Joseph A. Schramm

    Praise the Lord for the favorable ruling of the Supreme Court.
    I have always known Bob was innocent and felt that this was all
    a plot to take him out of running for President.Bob is a God loving person and a STATESMAN.
    My prayers have been with him and his wife all this time.
    I am an elder of 84 years and haven’t much to give, but will
    give what I can to help.
    God bless you Bob.
    Joseph Schramm

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