About the Restoration Fund

Supporters of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell have independently formed a legal defense
fund to help cover legal expenses arising out of the Governor’s service in office and defending his record in office against attack.

The Restoration Fund was formed as a Virginia nonprofit corporation that will operate as a political organization under section 527(e)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, and persons that contribute more than $200 will be disclosed to the IRS and made public on a regular basis.

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  1. John G. Weed

    Dear Gov. McDonnell,
    My name is John Weed and I have been following your case with great interest… the impetus for my writing was a short on Fox about how you might go about reestablishing your good name. Over three years ago, with a warrant from the FISA court, the FBI executed a search & seizure order at my residence. I was a suspect in the theft of nearly a gigabyte of classified information from the National Reconnaissance Office (FBI). The FBI agent in charge told my son I was Snowden number 2, and that they (FBI) had the goods on me. Three years later there have been no charges, no indictment and no action to restore my credibility. In fact, quite the opposite: While there have been no charges, the Air Force, acting on the behest of the NRO, placed my name in the http://www.sam.gov site as a “Do Not Do Business With” entity. They (DOJ, FBI and NRO) have gone way out of their way to destroy my personally and professionally.

    Did I do it?! Hell no!!! In fact, I spent nearly three decades doing covert operations and special communications work for the CIA, NRO and Special Operations command including SEAL Team 6, Delta and others. There is much to the story, but the bottom line is that it seems it will never end. The legal fees have nearly wiped us out. My parents are now taking money out of their retirement counts, at age 70+, to help their son stay out of federal prison.

    I need advice, I need help and I need to speak with someone who can offer anything other than, “It’s the best legal system out there.” That’s all fine unless you’ve been put on the target list. I live in the Fredericksburg area of Virginia. I have spent my life in the service of my country. But this is not what I risked my life for.

    I hope you can reach out and speak with me.


    John Weed
    261 Richland Road
    Fredericksburg, VA 22406
    (571) 277-9998

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