Governor McAuliffe: “it is time to move on”


Scott Wise, WTVR (June 29 2016) – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said he does not believe former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell should face trial again on federal corruption charges

“I think now that the Supreme Court has ruled I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of the process,” Governor McAuliffe said. “This man has paid the price, it is time to move on.”

Governor McAuliffe, along with so many others stand with Governor McDonnell and believe it is time to put this to rest, once and for all. A poll conducted by ABC8 News out of Richmond found that 65% of people believe the Supreme Court was right to vacate McDonnell’s case, while just 35% believe it was a poor decision. The people have spoken: let’s uphold the Supreme Court’s decision and stop dragging this on.

It is time to put this to rest.

Stand with the McDonnell Family and donate to help alleviate their legal fees: