What’s the next chapter in Governor McDonnell’s life?

McDonnell wants the final chapter to be: “it’s over.”

WAVY TV, Andy Fox (July 1, 2016) — … However, the decision on whether he can be successfully prosecuted and convicted on narrower definitions of what “official acts” are has yet to be made.

The Supreme Court decided an “official act” is not setting up a meeting, or holding a product launch in the Governor’s Mansion, or making phone calls. The “official act” comes by strong-arming the outcome of that meeting.

Although we have made amazing progress in this hard-fought battle, we still aren’t at the finish line. The prosecutor still has the ability to retry the case, but it would be more challenging to prosecute since the definition of “official act” is less ambiguous since the Supreme Court decision.

As we await the decision, there is nothing the McDonnell family can do except be patient and pray that justice prevails. Governor McDonnell continues to make the best of his time by surrounding himself with his family and friends, as well as operating a small business, as a consultant for local businesses.

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