Case to acquit McDonnell is strong

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

In response to the Op/Ed column, “Why the court of public opinion should reconsider case of Gov. Bob McDonnell” by Andrew Miller and Anthony Troy: I am a life-long politically active Democrat. I voted against McDonnell. I vehemently disagreed with some of the bills he championed and was thrilled when the next administration overturned them.

And I feel very strongly that the entire legal case against McDonnell is stunningly unfair and baseless. Every politician and successful businessperson networks with supporters. It is common courtesy to introduce people who have helped one out to others who might in some way benefit the person. Introducing Johnnie Williams to people who had the option to study and/or market his vitamins (and who chose not to) can in no way be considered corruption. McDonnell never pressured others to benefit Williams’ business financially or otherwise and Williams received no concrete favors from his relationship with McDonnell.

If McDonnell were to be found guilty, then almost every ethical public servant would be at risk for being similarly charged. The case to acquit McDonnell is so strong and the case against him so weak that I am optimistic the Supreme Court will make the obviously just decision to find him innocent. I hope that he can soon start a new chapter of his life with some peace and respect for his years of public service.

Anne Walpole.