Less Than One Week Away Until Gov. McDonnell Presents His Case To The Nation’s Highest Court

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We are now less than one week away until Gov. McDonnell presents his case in front of the nation’s highest court – the United States Supreme Court.

In these last several days, the case has again started attracting attention from the nation’s media, and this will only escalate through the weekend, culminating in next Wednesday’s hearing. In addition to stories from around Virginia and Washington DC, on Monday The Wall Street Journal, in a post on its Law Blog by lead legal writer Jacob Gershman, stated that “the stakes are high” in this case and “go beyond the fate of the Republican politician.” The posting cites the importance of the case’s outcome, as “the dispute poses fundamental questions about the nature of corruption and what constitutes evidence of bribery or kickbacks under federal law.”

Gershman refutes the government’s position with Gov. McDonnell’s argument that that government overreached federal corruption statues by convicting him.  “The Government openly advocates a legal rule that would make a felon of every official at every level of government…”

The post also cites an amicus brief signed by 77 former state attorneys general describing the backlash if the lower court’s decision is allowed to stand: “At best, the lower courts’ definition of “official act” will make public officials think twice before delivering basic constituent services—and lobbyists think twice before seeking them—for fear of possible federal prosecution. At worst, it could chill the delivery of those services altogether.”

The WSJ post also highlights an amicus brief filed by former federal officials including two former attorneys general, John Ashcroft and Michael Mukasey, former White House special counsel Lanny J. Davis, and former U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, who call for the overturning of the conviction because federal corruption law “should not be broadened to subject government officials to the threat of prosecution for engaging in innocent conduct that occurs on a routine basis.”

If you’d like to read this post, please log on to: http://on.wsj.com/20RMcFX

As the eyes of the nation again turn towards Gov. McDonnell, we ask that you continue to pray for divine guidance and wisdom for the Supreme Court Justices, Governor McDonnell and his family, the legal counsel for both parties including Bob’s advocate Noel Francisco, and the nation’s media, each day until next Wednesday’s trial. Thank you for your caring, kindness, compassion and support.

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